1450 New Zealand Schools Now Breathe Easier with Asthma NZ's Life-Saving Emergency Kits

1450 New Zealand Schools Now Breathe Easier with Asthma NZ's Life-Saving Emergency Kits

Asthma New Zealand (Asthma NZ) is proud to announce the successful distribution of Emergency Asthma Kits to 1450, or approximately 80%, of New Zealand's primary schools. This initiative, made possible with the support of NZ Post's Delivering for Good programme, equips primary schools with vital tools to respond to childhood asthma emergencies.

Each Emergency Kit contains:

  • A spacer device to improve medication delivery during an asthma attack.
  • A magnetic sticker with clear instructions on what to do in an asthma emergency, prominently displayed for quick reference.
  • A pen with the same emergency instructions, readily accessible for staff.

Primary schools can complete the kit by utilizing a Ministry of Health Authorization letter which can be downloaded here >. This letter allows designated primary school personnel, such as headteachers or a person they've nominated to obtain asthma medication from a pharmacy to finalize the kit.

“Asthma attacks can happen unexpectedly,” says Angela Brown of Asthma NZ, who has has worked tirelessly to distribute the kits to as many primary schools as possible,. “Equipping schools with these emergency kits empowers them to take immediate action and potentially save a child's life. We are grateful to NZ Post's Delivering for Good programme for facilitating the nationwide distribution of these critical resources.

While 80% of schools have received their kits, Asthma NZ remains dedicated to ensuring all schools are prepared.

Delivering for Good concludes at the end of June, but Asthma NZ will continue working to deliver the remaining kits to schools throughout the country.

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