Relentless by Scott Donaldson

Relentless by Scott Donaldson

Unpredictable and unforgiving, the Tasman Sea is one of the most hostile stretches of water in the world. An Australian adventurer attempted to kayak across in 2007, disappearing without a trace.
In 2018 Kiwi adventurer Scott Donaldson spent two months alone at sea to achieve a world first. It was his third attempt, having fallen a heart-breaking 80 kilometres short in 2014.

Relentless is the story of his incredible quest, enduring months on a small kayak with limited room, 'frisky' sharks, massive ocean swells and storms, saltwater, and a rollercoaster ride of exhaustion, depression and exhilaration.
Donaldson's world first is an inspirational story of dogged perseverance, true Kiwi grit and relentless endurance. Read the excerpt from Relentless by Scott Donaldson HERE

Scott Donaldson is a former triathlete, Coast-to-Coast competitor, Ironman coach, mentor and competitor in a myriad of sports. He began as a swimmer to strengthen his lungs, after having life-threatening asthma as a child. Scott's son also has asthma, and his father died aged 42 from a heart attack, and so Scott has made fitness a life priority. Formerly from Rotorua, Donaldson moved to Coffs Harbour in Australia to organise the campaign to cross the Tasman solo in a kayak.

Passionate about Asthma management, Scott Donaldson has donated $10 for the sale of every book we sell back to Asthma NZ. Not only will you read a truly remarkable story about perseverance, true kiwi grit and relentless endurance, you will be helping young people live with asthma.


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