Education first hand

Education first hand


- I didn’t think much about my asthma until I did the 30-day challenge with Asthma NZ.

- I’ve come to the routine and my asthma has benefited a lot.

- It enduring doing my sports activities. Before I was not really managing my asthma, I didn’t care that much. 


- I’ve noticed an improvement in my asthma management throughout these 30-days

- Doing the peak flow meter reading helps me to see where I am at with my asthma.

- I am surprised how much I've learned.


- It highlighted to me how my asthma goes. I have to be aware of my living environment. That I can’t have many allergens around me, or heaps of dust, or heaps of mould, and the garden doesn’t have pollinating flowers, otherwise, my asthma goes through the roof.

- I'll make sure that I've got my inhalers in my car, in my handbag, next to my bad and a spear one, so if I have an asthma incident, I'm not getting panic trying to find my inhaler.

- I could see when I have to increase my preventers because I was not on top of my asthma, I was having too many incidents and had to use my blue inhaler.


- Doing the peak flow meter reading helped Hector to remember about taking the inhaler, it created a habit for him.

- Being on top of the medication, we've noticed he doesn't need a reliever.

- I’ve got a different child now. We are both winners, I don’t have to worry about him and he can go to school and play sports like everybody else.



- It helped to have my preventer more often, so it has become a routine for me now.

What stands out for you?

- Getting out and walking more, even in the cold days, just rapping up more and having a bit of fresh air, and looking more after myself.

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