September is birthday month!

September is birthday month! Just about everyone you know is celebrating either their own birthday or someone else’s next month. 

So before all of the gift-buying starts, now is a great time for us to remind your friends, family, supporters, volunteers, staff, board members (everyone you know!) that birthdays give them an easy way to support you through The Good Registry.

If everyone in NZ gave one $10 donation instead of one gift during September that would be $47 million for Good causes like ours! 


Interesting stats

According to Statistics New Zealand

  • 30 September is the most common birthday of the year.
  • the 10 most common birthdays of the year all appear in the 10-day period from 22 September to 1 October.


Some birthday inspiration

Remember, there are a couple of ways people can use birthdays to support you:

  • If it’s their own birthday
    • they can create a Good Gift Registry, and ask friends and family to give to the charity they’ve chosen via their own registry page, or
    • They can ask friends and family to buy them Good Gift Cards from The Good Registry, and then redeem those to make donations to any of our charity partners. 
  • If it’s someone else’s birthday, they can give Good Gift Cards from The Good Registry instead of gifts. Their recipient gets the joy of receiving, and of giving, by redeeming their gift card to donate to charities they care about! 
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