Miteguard Cotton Mattress Cover

MiteGuard covers should be fitted to your mattress, duvet and pillow. Your usual outer sheets and covers are then fitted over the top of the MiteGuard covers. Regular (weekly) washing of the outer sheets and covers in hot water (>55C) will maintain a low allergen environment in the bed.

All covers share the following features:
Proven to block more than 99% of house dust mite allergen
Fully enclose the mattress, duvet or pillow
Extra strong, taped seams
Extra long zip with internal flap for easy fitting

MiteGuard Cotton Natural covers are best for those with allergies to synthetic fabrics and who wish for the most natural bedding products. This soft fabric is particularly suited for pillow and duvet covers.

 Sizes all in cm

COT (Standard Size) 120L x 60W x 12D

COT (American Size) 132L x 76W x 15D

Single Size 190L x 92W x 20D

King Single/Double Size 203L x 106W x 24D

Double Size 190L x 138W x 24D [discontinued]

Queen Size 203L x 152W x 24D

King Size 203L x 168W x 24D

Super King 203L x 182W x 24D

Extra Long Single 203L x 92W x 24D

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