Our 3 Plus Programme

Our Nurse Educators are available to speak with you, either by phone, on video call or in your home - wherever is easiest for you. Our Nurse Educators will provide you with knowledge and information to help explain how you can live well and self-manage your Asthma or COPD. 

The education sessions are friendly and informal and will help to identify gaps in your knowledge or treatment. They will then help by recommending a plan which aligns with current national guidelines, personalised information about you and about your Asthma or COPD.

The recommendations will be tailored to your lifestyle, with a comprehensive demonstration how to use respiratory devices such as inhalers and spacers.

Once the Nurse has visited you, they will then check back in after one month. Just to make sure you are still happy with everything you've learnt.

If you are happy, then great. The nurse will then make one last contact a further 6 months later to ensure that you are living and managing your asthma well.

This service is called the "3 Plus Programme"

We want to make sure you are managing your Asthma or COPD well and so if things are still unclear, or you have further questions at either the 2nd or 3rd contact, then the Nurses will be happy to chat further and even provide a further education session, just to make sure that you are comfortable with your self managment programme.

Did we mention that this service is free?

That's right, Asthma New Zealand is commited to helping New Zealand to breathe easy and to reduce Asthma and COPD hospitalisations by 50% by 2029.

So, if you'd like to arrange to speak to one of our Nurses, please click on the button below and simply complete the form.

One of our Educator Nurses will be in touch shortly.