Keep Yourself Safe During this COVID-19 Pandemic



  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 sec and dry thoroughly
  • Avoid places where many people frequent
  • Keep taking your preventer inhaler daily as prescribed. Do not stop it Carry your reliever inhaler with you every day
  • Follow your asthma action plan
  • Take care to avoid sharing towels, cups or other household items with someone who may have a cold
  • Get your annual flu vaccine – it is available now for anyone on asthma prevention medication or with a chronic respiratory disease
  • Arrange an asthma review with your doctor or asthma nurse before winter sets in. Ask them to update your Asthma Action Plan

What to do if you have flu symptoms

If you get a cold or flu, discuss with your GP the recommended use of Salbutamol (medication):

2 puffs, 4 hourly from day one of the cold till it settles, then stop (the normal dose of Salbutamol is less than two puffs weekly)

  • Drink plenty of fluids, stay indoors and rest. DO NOT GO TO WORK or SCHOOL. Do not mix with others. Use Panadol as prescribed for fever
  • Ask those who have a cold to stay away until they are better
  • If you are taking Symbicort – take your normal twice daily dose and extra puffs as prescribed by your GP
  • If you do not improve or become worse contact your GP immediately to make an appointment - explain you are sick before you go.


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You can learn more about COVID-19 from the following resources:

World Health Organisation
Ministry of Health Manatū Hauora