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Asthma New Zealand Nurses provide education, training and support to help you live well with asthma/COPD.

Individual Asthma/COPD Education

Our asthma nurse educators provide education about optimal self-management of asthma/COPD. Education sessions identify gaps in  treatment and recommend a plan to align with current national guidelines, personalised information about asthma/COPD control tailored to your lifestyle, a comprehensive demonstration how to use respiratory devices such as inhalers and spacers.

Our clients can contact Asthma New Zealand between sessions if they have any questions or would like further information.

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Asthma/COPD education will include an initial home visit and two follow up visits/phone calls. Asthma/COPD education is free of charge.

The Lung Health Business Clinic

A service specifically developed to help support and protect your business and your employees. Asthma New Zealand and our qualified team of qualified Respiratory Educators provide two key services

  • Lung Function Tests (Spirometry)
  • Asthma Education Clinic

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Group Asthma/COPD Education

Asthma New Zealand provides group asthma/COPD education sessions for schools, childcare centers, nursing homes, medical centers, etc. To request a group asthma education you can simply send us an email at anz@asthma.org.nz or call us 0800 227 328


Spirometry or Lung Function Test measures lung function, specifically the amount and/or speed of air that can be inhaled and exhaled. Spirometry is an essential diagnostic test for many Chronic Respiratory Diseases. Spirometry can be performed at the Auckland office of Asthma New Zealand located at 581 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden, Auckland. Booking is required for the spirometry test. To book the test, you can fill up online referral form or download a paper version and post it to Asthma New Zealand PO BOX 67066, Mt Eden, Auckland,1349 or email it to anz@asthma.org.nz or fax it to 09 6230774. 

Spirometry for diagnostic purpose - $50
Spirometry for insurance/police/dive medical purpose - $70

Asthma New Zealand Spirometry Test


Professional Education

Asthma New Zealand nurses provide Courses in Asthma and Respiratory Education (C.A.R.E) and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease courses.

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