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5 myths about asthma


Myth: You only have asthma when you have trouble breathing.

Fact: Asthma does not go away when the symptoms are gone.


Myth: Inhaled corticosteroids are not safe

Fact: Inhaled corticosteroids for asthma are safe and play a key role in the prevention of the symptoms.


Myth: Asthma medications stop working over time

Fact: Asthma drugs remain an effective treatment if used regularly and as directed.


Myth: People with asthma should avoid physical activity.

Fact: Anyone with asthma should follow a normal, healthy life — which includes regular exercise.


Myth: You can outgrow asthma.

Fact: Asthma may improve with age, but it is a lifelong condition.

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5 Signs You Might Have Asthma

 Asthma currently affects over 610 000 people in New Zealand. This number is not accurate because many people may not be aware that they have it, especially if their symptoms aren’t severe. Although you might imagine that having this condition must be obvious, asthma signs can be surprisingly subtle. Here are five to keep in mind.

 #1 A cough that never really goes away.

 #2 Random attacks of shortness of breath during exercises.

 #3 Your sleep is often interrupted because you can’t breathe well.

 #4 Your breathing makes a whistling sound.

 #5 Your colds are much worse than the ones your friends get.

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A new study finds secondhand exposure to vaping may raise the chances of asthma attacks in teenagers with asthma. The risk of an asthma attack is increased by 27 percent among adolescents with asthma if they'd been exposed to vapor from someone else's e-cigarette use. It is not safe to use vaping system around people with asthma.

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