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Would you be shocked to know that 80 kiwi’s die from asthma every year? 

I was and that is why I have become an ambassador for Asthma NZ. 

Over the next 10-months I will be working with Asthma NZ to raise awareness, understanding and money so we can reduce this number.

I was horrified to know that Asthma costs NZ over $1 billion dollars every year.  Imagine what we could do with that money if asthma wasn’t the problem it currently is.

I will be asking for your help on this journey.  The more people understand about asthma the better we will all breathe. 

And if you are sitting there thinking asthma doesn’t affect you…think again.  Asthma is costing us all.  I will tell you how over the coming months.

You can support my mission by visiting my Asthma New Zealand give a little page [insert your page here] and help me achieve my fundraising goal!


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