The Lung Health Business Clinic

Asthma New Zealand is proud to offer The Lung Health Clinic for businesses, a comprehensive service designed to optimize your employees' respiratory health.

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Benefits of Asthma New Zealand's Lung Health Business Clinic:

  • Reduce Absenteeism: Up to 13% of your team could be battling asthma, leading to an average of 10 additional sick days per year. Our mobile nurse educators equip employees with the knowledge and skills for optimal asthma management, significantly reducing absences and boosting productivity.
    • Enhance Compliance: Are you unsure if your workplace meets the Health and Safety at Work Regulations 2016? If your employees are exposed to potential respiratory hazards, The Lung Health Clinic offers mobile lung function testing by qualified nurses, ensuring you fulfill your obligations and fostering a safer, healthier work environment.
      • Enjoy Cost Savings: Uncontrolled asthma translates to lost productivity and financial burden. Our program helps employees manage their condition effectively, minimizing absenteeism and saving your business valuable time and resources.

      We help you to invest in your workforce's well-being, and reap the rewards of a healthier, more productive business environment.

      To find out more, call us on 0800 227 328 or click here to arrange a FREE initial, no obligation, consultation

      Services The Lung Health Business Clinic Offers:

      1. Lung Function Tests (Spirometry)

      In New Zealand there is a responsibility for businesses to determine if there are significant risks to their employees who are exposed to hazardous dust, fibers or other substances.  

      In addition, businesses and employers need to decide whether a health monitoring programme is required for their workforce where it is deemed exposure to a hazardous substance may result in an impact on lung function.

      In both of these situations, the use of a Lung Function Test (also know as Spirometry) can be used.

      Spirometry measures the amount of air a person can inhale and exhale and the speed at which they can do so.

      Spirometry tests are performed to evaluate lung conditions and provides valuable information about lung capacity, airflow obstruction, and other parameters that can help monitor respiratory conditions.

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      2. Asthma Education Clinic

      On average 13% of your workforce will have Asthma and this does not include the employees who have children who have Asthma.

      Employees with Asthma have, on average, 10 more days off sick than average. Poorly managed Asthma impairs thinking and tiredness due to Asthma can lead to a dangerous working environment.  All leading to reduced productivity.

      We can help!

      Self Management of Asthma is critical to improved productivity and education is critical to self management.

      Our qualified Asthma Nurse Educators provide education about optimal self management of asthma and other respiratory conditions including:

      • Inhaler device techniques
      • Ensuring the medication prescribed is appropriate
      • Vaping and smoking education and cessation referrals
      • Basic home health assessment

      Providing education and equipment to improve self management of their Asthma leading to reduced absenteeism and improved productivity.

      To find out more, call us on 0800 227 328 or click here to arrange a FREE initial, no obligation, consultation

      Please note: This service is currently only available in Auckland.