Drylife®Absorbent Bed Pads

Drylife Absorbent Waterpoof Bed Pad with Tuck in Flaps, also with Tencel and Microfibre. 

Soft quilted bed liner draws in and traps fluid. Keeps body comfortable and bedding dry. Ideal for toilet training, bedwetters of any age or for use in care of the elderly. Designed to be slept directly on, removed in the morning without stripping the entire bedding. When ordering, remember to order two so you have one on the bed and one in the wash. Avaliable in beige, white and green.

Applying the latest technology, Drylife Bed Pads keep even the most delicate skins dry and comfortable. Ultrafine microfibres wont pill or irritate skin. Drylife's Tencel® (an all natural fibre from the Eucalyptus tree) fibre core naturally resists the build up of bacteria and odours. 

Guaranteed for 250 washes following care instructions. 

Sizes is 100cm x100cm with 50cm of flaps

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