Drylife® Pillow Protector

Moisture in your mattress and pillow breed bacteria and dust mites, which cause bedroom odours and trigger allergies. Drylife bedding protectors are designed to keep mattresses and pillows fresh, clean and dry and in top condition for longer. Drylife protectors bond a pure cotton upper directly onto a light, breathable, fully waterproof backing. 
Size: STANDARD 48cm x 76cm

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Asthma NZ join New Zealand and sit with a heavy heart in utter disbelief at the tragedy of Friday afternoon. No words are sufficient to describe the emotions New Zealand shares at this horrible time in our history.

For the love and respect of the 50 Families that come to terms with their great loss, we pray that New Zealand unites and moves forward as a more compassionate and accepting nation.

May we demonstrate to a world watching what unity and harmony look like.

Katheren Leitner,

Chief Executive