DeMucus Expiratory Muscle Trainer

DeMucus™ Expiratory Muscle Trainer

Besmed Expiratory Muscle Trainer device is indicated as a single patient use, hand-held secretion clearance and lung expansion device that creates vibrating positive expiratory pressure when a patient exhales through the device.

  • ​Effectively loosen bronchial mucus and help clear the airway.
  • Unique patent design of steel ball, valve and spring to enhance the strength of expiratory muscle.
  • Ergonomic and comfortable mouth piece design, suitable for adult and pediatric use.
  • Conducting variable training to increase or decrease the exhalation resistance.
  • Easy to use and carry for single patient use.

Parts Including:

  • Expiratory Muscle Trainer
  • Mouth Piece Adult
  • Mouth Piece Child
  • Neck Strap

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