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AsthmaMinder TM

If you find it hard to remember your purple or orange inhaler you’re not alone.

The AsthmaMinder can help. It’s a simple holder for your preventer and your toothbrush. Reach for your toothbrush and your preventer is right there for you to use first. The AsthmaMinder fits most toothbrushes including many electric ones. It can even be clipped off the wall for cleaning under the tap and when you go on holiday.

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The Lung Association

To work towards the eradication of asthma through supporting ongoing research into the causes of asthma. To work in partnership with Alliance Partners throughout New Zealand to provide training, education and support to people with asthma (and their families) in order that they might lead as normal a lifestyle as possible.  To work toward the creation of a national organization through the development of structures which will deliver a high quality service.



  • Mobile education vehicle.
  • Management of distance-learning, tertiary-level courses in Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.
  • Education programmes in schools, marae, homes, work places, community groups, our office, etc.
  • Provision of free asthma emergency kits to schools
  • O2 The NZ Journal of Respiratory Health
  • Lobbying on behalf of people with asthma and their families.
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