Battling allergy and respiratory illnesses

Battling allergy and respiratory illnesses

Asthma NZ were made aware of a young family battling allergy and respiratory illnesses, they were at the point of exhaustion either cleaning mould or visiting the doctors.

On Wednesday, 9 of June  Asthma NZ took a team of talented architectural engineers and building scientists to this family, we also took a film crew because we all had a suspicion as to what was making this family so ill.

Owning your home is the kiwi dream, it certainly was for this young couple. Sadly this dream has turned into a nightmare and one they feel they have no way out of.

Sitting down with this amazingly brave Mum she talked about her embarrassment, her exhaustion and her grief at failing as a Mum. "We cannot plan to go away on holiday because there is near certainty that we will have to cancel because someone will fall ill. And if we do go away we come back to days of cleaning mould just so we can feel less dirty".

Over the coming months, Asthma NZ will take you on a journey to learn as much as it is possible about the health of the home you live in. What you should expect from a home and what can be done to make improvements. Whilst in many instances we can't fix the serious structural issues, we can do a lot to make improvements sufficient enough to keep us much more healthy.

Keeping you and your family out of hospital due to respiratory illness is our priority.

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