About Us

Asthma New Zealand is a not-for-profit organisation committed to creating a healthier New Zealand, where every Kiwi with Asthma and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) lives a full life.  

As New Zealand's largest asthma educator, we have been at the forefront, fighting for a New Zealand that breathes easy since 1965.  Education is the most powerful tool in reducing hospitalisation and improving the way we live with asthma and COPD.  

Our mission is to see a 50% reduction from asthma and COPD hospitalisation by 2029.  We cannot do this on our own so we partner with health professionals and community groups to make reaching, referring and supporting patients simple.  

What we do:

  • Provide free education, training and support to patients with asthma and/or COPD where they need it, when they need it
  • Support families and enable them to live well with asthma and/or COPD
  • Deliver education to junior school students and teachers, increasing their health literacy and equipping them with asthma emergency skills
  • Support High School students as they venture into a world of independence and self-management
  • Deliver asthma and COPD education to Health Professionals
  • Assist Doctors and Specialists by providing asthma and COPD support and education to their patients
  • Complete mobility assessments and provide support equipment for those in need

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