Asthma Education Charitable Trust

The aims of the Asthma Education Charitable Trust (The Trust) are to support Asthma New Zealand Inc.(Asthma NZ) and from time to time, various research organisations, towards providing help and assistance to those in the community suffering with asthma.

It is important that those with asthma get up to date, modern education and support, which when encompassed in their own lives will help them lead as normal a lifestyle as possible.

The Trust has continued to support The Auckland Asthma Society Inc. throughout the year, as and when the need arose, on request.

With the finalisation and merger of Asthma New Zealand – The Lung Association Inc. and The Auckland Asthma Society Inc., the Trust took over ownership of the Asthma Centre at 581 Mt Eden Road, with Asthma New Zealand Inc. becoming lead tenants.

Generally, the Trust operates conservatively avoiding any unnecessary risk. The Trust works with the ASB Bank, Wealth Management Portfolio Series Division, to ensure that the investment portfolio maximises its returns.

Our mission: "To provide training / education and support to people with asthma and their families in order that they might lead as normal a lifestyle as possible."