Compassionate Support from Asthma New Zealand Educators.

Compassionate Support from Asthma New Zealand Educators.

Moving to a new place can be quite a challenge but for Diana it meant even more than a new home. 

This story began when Diana, who was coping with asthma, reached out to Asthma New Zealand for support with her Asthma.

Little did she know at the time but Annie, one of the dedicated Nurse Educators of the Asthma New Zealand team, would step up, not just to help Diana with asthma education but to ensure that the environment where she lived would no longer continue to contribute to her condition. 

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Their journey together began with a simple phone call, but it quickly became a life-changing experience when Annie visited Diana to discuss her medication and assess her needs. 

Annie realised that Diana’s current home lacked some essentials for her well-being, like a shower stool, safety rails and additionally, the property's cold environment wasn't suitable for her asthma. Annie knew she had to act promptly.

Annie's first step was to contact Council Housing and Housing NZ.  She explained Diana's urgent situation and advocated for her needs. Her determination and advocacy led to Diana being placed at the top of the housing waiting list for both organisations. Within a day, Annie went to see a newly refurbished Council Housing property that had double glazing, insulation, and a walk-in shower, and the rent was even more affordable, which meant Diana could allocate more resources to her health.

Within a month, Annie managed to arrange Diana's move to her new home. Throughout this transition, Annie provided support to Diana, recognizing that moving was a significant event in her life and could be stressful.

When the day to move arrived, Annie, her husband, and a group of friends volunteered to help. They started by moving some outdoor items in advance to make the moving day smoother. Annie and her husband then took charge of moving the smaller belongings and eventually decided to help Diana with her entire move.

Diana was immensely grateful for the support she received from Annie and her team. Their efforts went above and beyond. Annie remained dedicated to Diana's well-being, even while she was on vacation, making a long-distance call from Taupo to ensure Diana was adjusting well to her new surroundings.

Diana's new Council unit  made a significant difference in her health. The property was fully insulated, had double-glazed windows, new carpet, and a modern kitchen. Most importantly, there was no mold, which can exacerbate respiratory issues. The warm and dry environment significantly improved Diana's quality of life, making it easier for her to breathe, engage in activities, and reduce stress. With more affordable rent, Diana could even invest in healthier food options.

Diana’s story is a great example of how Asthma New Zealand’s team of dedicated Nurse Educators continue to provide support and care to improve the well-being and asthma management of our patients, changing people’s lives so they can live well with Asthma.

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