Our homes are making us sick

Our homes are making us sick

The conditions of 53% of Kiwi homes is a human rights issue. For more than 30 years Building Authorities have known about, yet have chosen to ignore the problem as it is complex and requires significant change to our building code.

ASTHMA NZ cannot sit back on this issue any longer. Our mission is a 50% reduction in asthma & COPD hospitalisation by 2029.

 A 50% reduction will:

- save taxpayers in excess of half a billion dollars each year

- more importantly, at least one family a week will be spared the heartache of losing a loved one to asthma.

Medication and technology are improving, yet NZ remains the 2nd worst country for asthma mortality for 5 - 35 yr. olds. The health of our homes is a major factor in this.

You can expect to see a lot more from us on this. On Wednesday, June 3rd at 4:00 pm Asthma NZ will host a Q & A session with the ECCA Warmer Kiwi Homes team to understand how the grant works, who is eligible and what it covers. For more details about the live session click on the image below.



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