Connect with a Nurse

This is a Free Service to keep you and your Whanau living well with Asthma & COPD

Our Nurses will support you and your Whanau
with tools to live well with respiratory illness like
asthma, COPD & bronchiectasis.




Our service:

Our asthma nurse educators provide education about good self-management of asthma/COPD. Education sessions identify gaps in  treatment and recommend a plan to fit with current national guidelines.  They can help you develop self-management techniques that fit your lifestyle and provide a simple instructions to ensure you use your respiratory devices such as inhalers and spacers effectively. You can contact Asthma New Zealand between sessions if you have any questions or would like further information.  Our service is absolutely free.

How we can help you:

  • discuss your treatment plan
  • demonstrate how to use inhaler devices and peak flow meter
  • discuss asthma symptoms and triggers
  • educate how to handle asthma emergency
  • advise how to achieve the best control of your asthma/COPD