Healthy Homes - Episode 1


 Welcome to Healthy Homes Episode 1

Asthma New Zealand Nurse Educators spend a lot of time in people's homes. As New Zealand's largest Asthma education organisation we have seen inside thousands of homes and what we know to be true is that those who live in cold, damp, mouldy homes must work much harder at managing their asthma than those that don't.
Shocked by the knowledge that New Zealand is recognised by the World Health Organisation as having  some of the unhealthiest homes in the world, Asthma NZ had to understand why!
On World Asthma Day we are excited to release the very first episode of the 6-episode series. If nothing else Asthma New Zealand want Kiwi's to understand that cold, damp, mouldy housing is not normal.
The way we build needs to change, using a building code 30 years behind most other countries makes maintaining good health so much more challenging.
(To avoid any influence Asthma New Zealand self-funded the filming of this documentary series looking at what makes homes healthy.)
Asthma New Zealand Healthy Homes Episode 1 Infographic