Robert Muir, Chairman of Asthma NZ

Robert Muir, President Asthma New Zealand Inc.

Greetings, on behalf of the Board I am delighted to announce that on Saturday 17 March, attendees at the Auckland Asthma Society (Asthma Auckland) and Asthma New Zealand – Lung Association (Asthma NZ) Special General Meetings voted unanimously to merge the two organisations.

This is effective immediately, which means that we are now operating (and known) as Asthma New Zealand Incorporated.

 The Special General Meeting votes also resulted in the following outcomes:

  • Asthma NZ is being wound up and its assets distributed to Asthma Auckland. The final formalities associated with this process will occur over the coming weeks, with the aim of completing it in time for the new financial year on 1 April.
  • Asthma Auckland adopted a new constitution, effective immediately, which includes provisions to remove the restriction to the Auckland District.
  • Asthma Auckland changed its name to Asthma New Zealand Incorporated. The trust deed of the Asthma Education Charitable Trust (AECT) was amended to clarify that Asthma Auckland has so changed its name.
  • Ownership of the 518 Mt Eden Road head office property is being transferred from Asthma Auckland, to AECT (subject to a deed of subtrust). The AECT's Trust Deed was changed to reflect Asthma Auckland's name change.  We are aiming for the transfer to be formalised in time for the 1 April financial year.  The Deed of Sub-Trust comes into effect when the transfer process is complete.
  • Both organisations' life members, members, affiliates, sponsors and other types of partners have automatically transferred to Asthma New Zealand Inc, although in a few instances new contracts will need to be signed with external parties to formalise the arrangements we have with them.
  • The two organisations' General Committees merged, to form a single Board of Trustees for Asthma New Zealand Inc. In time, we may choose to co-opt additional board members, to fill some capability gaps that have been identified. 
  • Bhavin Sanghavi of UHY Haines Norton Charted Accountants was appointed as Asthma New Zealand Incorporated's auditor.

 Although in many respects it will be business as usual, the merger represents an exciting opportunity to review and refresh our strategy and operations so that we can deliver more asthma services, to more people, more efficiently and effectively than ever before. 

However, our core focus will remain on helping New Zealanders and families affected by asthma and COPD to live the best possible lives.

For further information you may wish to take a look at our constitution: Asthma New Zealand Constitution