Personal video for Ambassador

The introduction video is an effective tool to support your fundraising. You can use this video on your Facebook or Instagram pages.

Here some guidance for you to create the most effective video:

1. Above all, tell a story.

Simply introduce yourself, outline the purpose of your campaign and tell about the reasons why you became an Asthma Ambassador.

The purpose of the campaign:

  • Support Asthma New Zealand with its mission to reduce asthma hospitalisation by 50% by 2029
  • Increase awareness and understanding of asthma
  • Provide more education to more people where they need it when they need it
  • Help New Zealand breathe easy

2. Make your issue relevant:

Why is it that the person watching the video should care, and why now?

Use your own experience and knowledge about asthma, explain why it is important to you.

You can learn more about asthma from Asthma Facts created by Asthma New Zealand. Click here

3. Don’t forget the call to action:

There are a lot of great videos that are well produced, that are engaging, and then they just end and the viewer doesn’t really know what to do next. Empower your viewer to get involved.

You can finish your video with the following ideas: “Share this video”, "Donate money today to support people impacted by asthma", "Support me to achieve my goal"

4. Be brief:

While a long-form video is being watched online, in general, you want to keep your video under 90 seconds. If it is a longer video, you may consider sending that out to people you already have relationships with, because people who are just being introduced to you may not have that patience. Keeping it shorter is usually the better rule.

5. Empower your viewers to carry your message:

Give people the tools to pass on your video. Put the embed code for the video right below the video so that people can grab that and put it on their website or put it on their blog easily, and make sure you’re enabling social sharing through Facebook, Twitter, etc. Giving people the tools to make your video portable is really going to extend your message.

6. Edit the video

You can edit the video via using free video editors or you can send the video to us and briefly explain how you would like to edit the video.


You can watch an example of an introduction video for fundraising