Sofia's Asthma Journey

The Importance of Early Education

Sofia's journey with Asthma New Zealand

Asthma New Zealand - Sofia's Journey

attack, began after a severe asthma leading her to be referred by Middlemore Hospital due to a history of poor asthma control. Introduced to our services, Sofia's story highlights the vital impact Asthma New Zealand makes in the lives of young individuals and their families.

A Compassionate Approach

Shortly after Sofia's referral, Beki, one of our dedicated asthma nurse educators, met with her and her family. The recent hospital visit had left Sofia feeling scared and overwhelmed, and her mother was equally concerned, given other family members' struggles with allergies. Beki took a calm and supportive approach, explaining Asthma New Zealand's role in empowering families with knowledge to manage asthma effectively.

By providing personalized education, Beki reassured both Sofia and her mother that asthma could be controlled with proper understanding and management.

Empowering with Knowledge

During the meeting, Beki conducted Sofia's assessment, and the results indicated her asthma was not as controlled as it could be. Understanding the importance of visual aids, Beki explained the airway function and demonstrated the correct usage of inhalers, medication, and spacers.

He discussed trigger management, uncovering Sofia's adenoid issue, which correlated with her asthma. Beki emphasized the significance of addressing this condition alongside asthma management, the good news being Sofia's mother made an appointment with a specialist, offering a positive outlook.

Asthma New Zealand - Sofia's Journey

Taking Control of Asthma

The conversation delved into managing triggers such as cold air, pollen, and exercise. Sofia, an active young girl, learned how two puffs of her inhaler 20 minutes before exercise could enhance her asthma control during physical activities.

Reviewing Sofia's Asthma Action Plan from the hospital, Beki confirmed its accuracy and encouraged Sofia's mother to share it with the school, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of Sofia's asthma management within her educational environment.

Emergency Preparedness

Given Sofia's recent asthma attack, Beki collaborated with Sofia's mother to create an Emergency Asthma Plan, ensuring preparedness in the event of another attack

Ongoing Support and Progress

Since their first meeting, Beki has consistently stayed in touch with Sofia and her mother, monitoring Sofia's progress and overall well-being.

Since their first meeting, Beki has consistently stayed in touch with Sofia and her mother, monitoring Sofia's progress and overall well-being.

Through ongoing guidance and support, Sofia's confidence in managing her asthma has flourished. As a testament to Beki's dedication, Sofia affectionately refers to him as "The Asthma Man," like a superhero.

Sofia’s story is a great example of how Asthma New Zealand’s team of dedicated Nurses continue to provide guidance and care to improve the well-being and asthma management for our patients, changing people’s lives to that they can live well with Asthma.


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