e-chamber Portable Nebuliser

e-chamber Portable Nebuliser anywhere, anytime

  • Portable handheld nebuliser
  • Lightweight and ideal for home or hospital use
  • Quiet in operation
  • Detachable parts for easy cleaning
  • Built in long life lithium batteries with micro USB charging port
  • MMAD  of 2.5μm - 4.5μm
  • Nebulisation rate of 0.3ml/min - 9.7ml/min 

The e-chamber Portable Nebuliser is a low cost, lightweight and compact device that is able to provide delivery of asthma and COPD medication, in instances where an asthma spacer or puffer is not suitable or available. The special Active Mesh Technology allows for smaller medication particles to be delivered to the smaller airways of the lungs. Please contact our office for more information, if you need to use the nebuliser with hypertonic saline or antibiotics.

In order for us to release a Nebuliser we will need a Doctor's Certificate.

Click here to email a copy of your doctor's certificate.

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