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MiteGuard Cotton Duvet Cover

MiteGuard Cotton Duvet Cover

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  • MiteGuard allergen barrier bedding covers are made in New Zealand by Allergen Control Services using proven effective allergen barrier fabrics and proven effective construction methods.
  • While there are many products on the market claiming to help with dust-mites, MiteGuard are the only products we have found developed by an allergy specialist.
  • The Miteguard mattress covers completely enclose the mattress, rather than being a fitted sheet or pad just sitting on top of the mattress (which doesn't protect against dust mites).
Why does MiteGuard work?

The weave on these cotton MiteGuard covers is 5.5 microns, ie they are made from an incredibly tightly woven fabric with almost no space between fibres. 

In comparison, regular cotton sheets or duvet covers have spaces between the fibres of approx 300 microns. Since the average dust mite measures approx 20 microns, dust mites are not able to pass through your MiteGuard duvet cover.

Using a MiteGuard duvet cover:

MiteGuard covers should be used directly over your duvet, then use your regular duvet cover over the Mite Guard cover. Avoid removing the Mite Guard cover as much as possible, as the dust mites will be contained inside the cover.

Regular (weekly) washing of the outer sheets and covers in hot water (>55°C) will maintain a low allergen environment in the bed.

MiteGuard covers have the following features:
  • Proven to block more than 99% of house dust mite allergen
  • Fully enclose the mattress, duvet or pillow
  • Extra strong, taped seams
  • Extra long zip with internal flap for easy fitting
  • Best quality YKK Zips used throughout
  • Made from 100% Cotton precision microweave
  • 100% cotton fabric with accurately controlled thread gap size
  • Average pore size 5.5 microns
  • Airflow properties 150 litres per minute
  • Untreated pure cotton
  • Hot water (60°C) wash, hot tumble dry.
  • 5-year manufacturer's guarantee

The Mite Guard Cotton Duvet cover is available in the following options:
Single 206cm x 142cm
King Single/Double 210cm x 180cm* 
Queen 210cm x 210cm
King 210cm x 240cm
Super King 210cm x 265cm
California King 210cm x 280cm

*The Double and King Single have changed from individual products to one listing as King Single / Double

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