MiteGuard Cotton Travel Flat Sheet



Travelling creates a number of issues for allergy sufferers. Now there’s a range of MiteGuard barrier bedding item that can give you allergy relief while you’re away from home.

This flat sheet gives you a temporary dust mite solution when you are travelling away from home.  Use with a Fitted Travel Sheet and Pillow Cover for best results. Our customers have told us they use these covers when travelling locally or internationally, or when kids are out for overnight stays.

Single:  2500 mm (L) x 1530 mm (W)
Double: 2650 mm (L) x 2200 mm (W)
Queen: 2650 mm (L) x 2400 mm (W)
King: 2650 mm (L) x 2600 mm (W)

MiteGuard 3.5 micron natural cotton micro-weave fabric
5 year guarantee
Made in New Zealand

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