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Oxygen Tubing for Salter Aire Nebuliser (2.1m)

Oxygen Tubing for Salter Aire Nebuliser (2.1m)

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Pre-formed 2.1m oxygen tubing with 2 6mm stadnard connectors:

Key Features:

  • Smooth Bore Oxygen Delivery Tubing: Our oxygen tubing features a smooth bore, ensuring the unimpeded flow of oxygen from the source to the patient.

  • Maintains Uninterrupted Flow: You can rely on this tubing to maintain a constant and uninterrupted flow of oxygen, crucial for patient care and comfort.

  • Kink Resistant Tubing: Say goodbye to frustrating kinks and interruptions. Our tubing is designed to resist kinking, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

  • Pre-Formed Standard End Connections: The tubing comes equipped with pre-formed standard end connectors, making it easy to attach to oxygen sources and equipment.

  • Optimal Length: With a length of 2.1 meters (approximately 7 feet), this tubing provides the flexibility and reach you need for various medical applications.

  • Fits Salter Aire Nebuliser: This tubing is designed to seamlessly fit the Salter Aire Nebuliser, a popular and trusted device in the medical field.

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